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Reduce Socket PP Fitting

Product Name: PP Fitting Reduce Socket 
Size: 25-63mm
Shape: Reduce
Color: Dark blue
Mold: Ifan 602
Sample: Freely

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Pp Compression Fitting

PP Compression fitting reduce sockets are made from the material polypropylene, we can supply 25mm to 63mm. For example: 25*20mm, 32*20mm, 32*25mm, 40*20mm, etc.

PP Compression fitting reducing Coupling is designed to connect two lengths of Polyethylene (PE) pipe together, with one diameter smaller than the other, which can be done simply and quickly without the need for gluing or solvent welding.

PP Compression fitting reducing Coupling nut locking for reliable jointing, one turn only to tighten the nut, installation without disassembling, suitable for PE and PEX pipes.


IFAN HDPE pipe Fittings

1. High-Temperature Resistance United anti-corrosion, the water temperature of pipeline transportation can reach 95℃.
2. It can free the pipeline from furring congestion, and the basin and bathtub from yellow sports and
3. Thermal Insulation and Energy Conservation: The thermal conductivity coefficient is only 1/200 of the metal pipe and has an
excellent Ifan of thermal insulation and energy conservation when used in hot water pipelines.
4. Long service life: When under normal use, the service life of the pipeline system can be 60 years or more.

602 PP Fittings 1
Ifan 602 PP Fittings

Fields of Application:

Pressure Sewage, High-end Irrigation, Leisure Parks, Water Distribution Lines, Mining Industry, Golf Courses, Industrial, Applications, House Connections, Service Lines, and Farming / Greenhouses.

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