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Agency Policy

Company Profile

Zhuji Fengfan Piping Co., LTD. Started in 1993 and was formally established in 2001. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. In the brand history of nearly 30 years, IFAN has never forgotten its original intention. With the core concept of building a national brand, it is committed to providing healthy, safe and convenient pipeline solutions for millions of families, and forging ahead.

8 Advantages

Business Advantage 01

The factory building area is 120 thousand square meters square,with 40 years of factory management experience. There are 600 employees and more than 50 backbone teams.

Branded Advantage 02

IFAN exports to more than 120 countries and regions around the world, and has agents in Morocco, the Philippines, Armenia, India, Congo and other countries and regions.

More than 20 years of brand operation; 100+agents worldwide, brand new store upgraded version, unified image door decoration, product sales in 120+ countries; China Central Television  broadcast enterprise.

Branded Advantage 03

German process equipment; each production line adopts the unified German process production standard, in line with SGS, BV and other quality management certification, standardized assembly and packaging, 27-person quality control team, 24-hour escort for product quality.

Product Advantage 04

IFAN integrates the whole system, including ten series of water purification, soft water, water supply, drainage, waterproof, line pipe, bathroom, floor heating, gas, and electric wire, which can meet the one-stop purchase of end users.

Quality Advantage 05

Imported food-grade raw materials

CW617 environmentally friendly copper

IFAN full inspection,qualified label.

IFAN follows standard production processes and strict product testing standards.

Only qualified products are allowed to be sold.

In addition

IFAN has also passed ISO testing and certification,

And is a trusted partner.

R & D Advantage 06

More than 50 R&D members; independent tooling workshop


New product development is controlled within 15 days.

Machines imported from Germany, advanced production lines, strict production processes,

Provide high-quality products.

Service Advantage 07

Provide after-sales service, if the product is damaged during transportation

Or there is a problem during use, please contact us to solve.

We also offer some promotional giveaways,

Such as t-shirts or hats,

That can be used in promotions.

Service Advantage 08

15 independent operation team

20 professional brand design team

35 sales and after-sales team.

6 Big Support

01 Multilingual Services

Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arab and other multilingual services.

02 Exported Service

IFAN have 20 agent country, 29 years of export experience, export to 110 countries and regions.

03 Logistics Service

It can introduce logistics companies to solve the problem of difficult delivery.

04 OEM/ODM Service

 Customized brand, product, packaging and other services.

05 Provide Material

Website building materials, social media publishing, corporate publicity, etc.

06 Customer Introduction

Become an agent of IFAN and introduce customer resources in the region.

Join Requirements

1/Recognize the corporate culture of IFAN, have customer service ability and experience.

2/Familiar with geographical location, urban area, environment, consumption level, fully understand the market.

3/Have certain experience in building materials sales.

4/Have a fixed business place, warehouse and distribution capacity.

Joining Process

1/Consultation about joining:

 Know about IFAN company and company products

2/Contact with the regional manager:

Contact by phone, email, communicate with in depth, and understand the basic situation of both parties.

3/Customer survey:

Inspect and evaluate the customer office, fill in the evaluation form, and initially reach the cooperation intention.

4/Regional market research:

The customer cooperates with the company’s manager to conduct market research on the local market.

5/Sign a franchise contract:

 The two sides negotiate in-depth and sign a franchise contract.

6/Company training:

The company will organize personnel to conduct online training for customers.

7/Follow-up services:

Formulate business development plans and price systems, assist in developing distribution markets

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