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PP Fitting 90 Degree Elbow

Name: PP Fitting 90 Degree Elbow
Size: 20-110mm
Color: Blue, or custom
Shape: Equal
MOQ: 220pcs
Sample: Freely sample

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Product name: PP Fitting 90 Degree Elbow
Function: Piping Connection
Usage: Water Transportation
Standard: ISO CE
Technics: injection
Customized support: OEM&ODM
Model Number: 601mold
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Package: IFAN Standard Package
Woking Pressure: Pn16/Pn12.5/Pn10/Pn08/Pn06


1. Italian style, can withstand the maximum pressure PN16
2. Main markets: Algeria, Jordan, Kosovo, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Syria, etc.
3. Main color: lake blue

IFAN Hdpe Fittings
IFAN Hdpe Fittings

PP Definition:

Polypropylene (Polypropylene, PP for short) is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic. Molding temperature: 160-220℃, the best thermal performance, its heat distortion temperature is 80-100℃, low-temperature resistance, can be boiled in boiling water, non-toxic and tasteless, good flexibility, impact resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, the inner wall is smooth, and the flow rate of the medium is increased

Connection method: PP pipe fittings are known as “quick joints”.
1. PE pipe sleeve into the pipe cap
2. Put on the snap ring
3. The PE pipe is plugged into the thrust ring
4. The PE pipe is firmly inserted into the O-ring
5. Tighten the cap

Advantages of PP pipe fittings:

1. 100% pure new material, no regrind, calcium powder.
2. Each batch of products will be tested by water pressure, 100% resistant to 16 kg water pressure.
3. High hardness POM snap ring, tightly stuck on the pipe, will not slide and leak.
4. The O-ring is softer and firmer, not easy to break, and customers can test it on the spot.
5. The mold has been improved, which is more convenient for operation and installation, and the compression material is added at the water joint, which is not easy to burst.
6. And we will continue to update the molds and styles according to the needs of customers and the market.
7. Every time a batch of products comes out, we will eliminate the defective products, and the factory must be fine.

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