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HDPE Saddle Clamp Four Thread

Name: HDPE Saddle Clamp Four Thread 
Size: 40-160mm
Material: PP
Color: Black, Green, or custom
MOQ: 150pcs
Sample: Freely sample


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Product Specifications

Product Name: HDPE Four Thread Pipe Saddle Clamps
Material: PP
Connection method: Threaded connection
SIZE: 40mm-160mm
Color: Black, Green, or custom
Main Market: Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America
Certificate: ISO CE
Woking Pressure: PN16/PN10/PN12.5

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Ifan 604 pipe and fitting

Our product has below advantages:

1. Chemical stability:
As a lack of polarity in the molecules, the HDPE material has good performance in chemical stability. In spite of a few oxidants, most of the chemical medium can not damage. Corrosion resistant and anti stains. The interior flow capacity not be reduced after a long time of usage. HDPE pipe is a kind of environmental product.

2. Formidable joint strength:
Mainly refer to thermal welding. For eg. Few joints, no leak.

3. Convenient installation:
Light weight and ease of installation. Can reduce installation costs, especially in a bad environment.

4. Higher flow capacity:
Smooth interior walls result in lower pressure loss and higher volume.

5. Better wrap and bendability:
The vertical allowable bending benefits the construction on a fluctuant earth surface.

6. Low-temperature preservation:
The anti-embrittlement temperature reaches -70℃ and under common low temperatures (-30℃), no need to adopt special defense or protection. Convenient to install in winter.
In the meantime, the pressure-resistant test can stand 2.5 times the nominal pressure by the water hammer.

7. Corrosion resistant:
German lab ever proves that the anti-corrosion of the HDPE material is several times that of copper.

8. Longevity:
More than 50 years under proper use.

9. Recycled and environmentally friendly.

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