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PEX Slide Female Socket

Name: PEX Slide Female Socket
Brand: IFAN
Size: 16-32mm
Material: CW617 Brass
Connect: Hand Connect
OEM&ODM: Accept

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A large number of construction applications around the world show that the slide-in pipe fitting structure has the advantages of reliable connection, quick installation, economical appearance, etc.

Product Information

Product Name PEX Slide Female Socket
Size 16-32mm
Material CW617 Brass
Connect  Hand Connect
OEM&ODM Accept
Brand IFAN
Usage For floor hearting pipe

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1.Excellent connection tightness

Sliding tight pipe fittings are generally produced by German standard copper material CW617N, and the pipe fittings are extruded with plastic pipes at the connection structure, so that the pipe fittings and pipes are integrated into one. After the pipe fittings are connected, they are anti-vibration and anti-loosening;

the multiple annular ribs set on the pipe fitting body are like the pipe fittings with multiple sealing rings, and there is no risk of easy scratches and aging caused by other pipe fittings using rubber sealing rings. After successful installation The sealing effect is excellent; the pipe fittings form a good protection for the inside and outside of the connecting part, and can withstand the high temperature and high pressure environment.

The connection performance can fully meet the various test standards of international standards for pipelines, including pull-out test, 5,000 thermal cycle tests, 10,000 cycle pressure shock tests, 50-year simulated service life systematic tests, etc.

PEX Slide Fittings-3
PEX Slide Fittings

2. Long service life

Sliding tight fittings are economical fittings that are maintenance-free and update-free. In the application of domestic water supply and drainage, domestic hot and cold water, it can have the same life as the building and does not need to be updated and maintained.

Usually, when people choose and use pipes and pipe fittings, they first care about the initial investment cost, and seldom consider the future maintenance cost and update cost comprehensively.

In fact, many economists have calculated that during the life of the building, maintenance costs and renewal costs are an expensive investment: the renewal cost of water pipes in ordinary buildings is more than 10 times that of the first water pipe investment, and service buildings (such as hotels, restaurants) the renewal cost is more than 20 times the first investment in water pipes. In this sense, maintenance-free and update-free are actually a greater degree of savings; calculated according to the service life cycle, the overall cost of sliding tight pipe fittings is the lowest among all pipe fitting products.

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