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PEX Slide Female Seated Elbow

Name: PEX Slide Female Seated Elbow
Brand: IFAN 
Size: 16mm 20mm
Material: CW617
Application: Water Supply
OEM&ODM: Accept

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The structure of the sliding tight fitting is more compact than the previous fittings, only including the fitting body and the sliding ferrule. A large number of construction applications around the world show that the structure has the advantages of reliable connection, quick installation, economical beauty, etc.


Product Name PEX Slide Female Seated Elbow
Size 16mm 20mm
Brand IFAN
Material CW617
Applacation Water Supply 
OEM&ODM Accept
Packing IFAN OPP Bag
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What is CW617 Brass?

PEX Slide Female Seated Elbow use of European environmental protection brass CW617.
CW617N is characterized by good machinability, good mechanical properties, can withstand cold and hot pressure processing, easy to weld, good brazing, good stability to general corrosion, but has a tendency to corrosion and cracking, mainly used for air-conditioning valves , hardware machinery, etc.

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PEX Slide Fittings

Application Range

Sliding tight pipe fittings have strong applicability and wide application. Its structure uses the plasticity (memory) of the pipe to achieve tight sealing and can be used in most plastic pipe connections. The IFAN sliding tight structure has been successfully applied to aluminum-plastic composite pipes, and the scope of application continues to expand. The sliding tight pipe fittings can work in an environment of 95 degrees Celsius for a long time, and the working pressure can reach 20 bar, which can meet the application environments such as radiator heating, floor heating heating, and household sanitary water supply. The sliding tight pipe fittings are compact in structure, suitable for surface installation and concealed burial, which greatly improves the application range of pipe fittings.

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