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PEX Slide Female Tee

Name: PEX Slide Female Tee
Brand Name: IFAN
Material: CW617Brass
Size: 16-32MM
Working Pressure: PN25
Usage: For floor hearting pipe


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Product Name PEX Slide Female Tee
Size 16-32mm 1/2-1inch
Material CW617 Brass 
Brand IFAN
Connect  Thread
Working Pressure PN25
Usage For floor hearting pipe
Catificate ISO CE

PEX Slide Female Tee range of fittings from 16 to 32 mm, to be installed with IFAN tool.

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1)Sliding system = axial crimping, ensures a reliable connection.
2)Ifan slide fittings are quick and easy to use.
3)Fittings made of high-quality material (CW617N brass).
4)They cannot be disassembled and can be installed in concealed installations.

PEX Slide Fittings
PEX Slide Fittings

Installation Steps

1) Cut the pipe and put it into the sliding collar

According to the actual length required by on-site measurement and the required length of the pipe fittings, cut the pipe with pipe cutting shears to ensure that the fracture is perpendicular to the axis of the pipe and remove the flash. In addition, insert the collar before the next step is implemented.

2) Expand the nozzle and insert it into the fitting body

Insert the special tool pipe expander into the pipe fracture to expand the pipe opening. During the expansion process, it is necessary to rotate the pipe fittings and ream holes from multiple angles, so that the pipe ports can be evenly and fully expanded. In order to achieve the best expansion effect, the expansion force should be gradually increased from small to large. The connecting portion of the tubing body is then pressed into the expanded nozzle.

3) Push in the sliding ferrule and the installation is complete

First put the corresponding insert on the special tool gun so that the sliding ferrule is in contact with the pipe fitting body and the insert on the tool gun, pull the handle of the tool gun, push the sliding ferrule to the pipe fitting body, and stop the two Completely confidential connection. Installed.

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