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PEX Slide Male Socket

Name: PEX Slide Male Socket
Brand: IFAN
Size: 16-32mm
Material: CW617 Brass
Connect: Hand Connect
OEM&ODM: Accept

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Advantages of IFAN sliding sleeve connection system for PEX pipes

The sliding sleeve system is the traditional connection system used by the installers in their PEX and multilayer pipes installations.

Apart from the economic advantage (the tool the sliding sleeve system requires is really cheap) and its compatibility with both PEX-A and PEX-B pipes, other advantages of IFAN’s sliding sleeve connection system are the following:

1)Safety of the unions. IFAN does not include spare parts that can undergo aging such as o-rings or bicones. So, the system guarantees permanent tightness.
2)The water flow is not reduced. The sliding sleeve system provides higher flow tan other connection systems.

PEX Slide Fittings
PEX Slide Fittings

3)No timeouts. The sliding sleeve system does not require any waits once the union has been made. The installation can be put in service immediately.
4)Tightness guarantee. IFAN fittings meet the most demanding regulations which guarantee the tightness of the unions.
Low leaded brass. The brass alloy used in the production of IFAN sliding sleeve fittings has low lead content and meets the most demanding European regulations concerning materials in contact with drinking water.


Name PEX Slide Male Socket
Brand IFAN
Size  16-32mm 1/2-1inch
Material Brass CW617
Connection Hand Connect
Usage For floor hearting pipe
Catificate ISO CE

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