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How To Identify The Good Quality Of PPR Pipe?

How To Identify The Good Quality Of PPR Pipe?

As a hidden project, the importance of the home improvement waterway is needless to say. At present, there are many water pipe brands on the market, and the selling points of the products are also full of tricks. There are many products such as antibacterial and multi-layer composites. Most ordinary consumers, simply do not know how to choose to buy a really good product.

In fact, when we buy products, we need to look at the essence through marketing, what is fundamental, what is secondary, what is icing on the cake, and what is superfluous. You can buy these things clearly in your mind. You are satisfied with the product.

Now, let’s talk about the phenomenon and essence of PPR water pipe marketing.

PPR Pipe and Fittings

About The Color

The simple color of the water pipe has nothing to do with the quality of the water pipe. PPR raw materials are actually colorless, that is, transparent, and color masterbatch must be added to have color. Of course, white water pipes are added with white color masterbatch, and it has nothing to do with its purity. Therefore, the color of the water pipe can only reflect some personal interests of the manufacturer at best, just look at it as a consumer. As for the PPR water pipe, why can’t it be made transparent directly? This we will talk about later.

About size

The first thing to know is that the diameter of the 4-pipe is small, the 6-pipe is larger, and the price of the 6-pipe is more expensive than the 4-pipe. Is this expensive enough? It can be said, but it is not very accurate, you have to understand how expensive it is.

The 6-pipe pipe has a larger diameter than the 4-pipe pipe, so the manufacturing cost is a little higher, and the actual benefit it brings is that the flow of the water pipe is larger. Is the traffic good? Of course. However, some people use a 6-point pipe at home, but the water meter is a 4-point interface, which loses its meaning. So how do you choose? Taking into account the actual water demand that varies from person to people, such as flow size, economy, and water usage habits, is a more humanized design method. Whether the flow rate is good or bad has a lot to do with water usage habits. It is not treated equally but allocated according to needs. You need to take into account each water outlet.

About wall thickness

The same outer diameter of the water pipe, the thinner the wall thickness, the inner diameter will indeed be slightly larger, but this is at the expense of the thinner wall thickness. What does wall thickness affect? It is the pressure-bearing capacity of the water pipe and the service life of the water pipe. And what is the flow of our water pipes to choose? As we said above, the flow of the water pipe mainly depends on the diameter of the pipe. The difference in pipe diameter specifications is generally in the order of millimeters, while the difference in wall thickness is in the next place in the order of millimeters.

PPR Pipe and Fitting
PPR Pipe and Fitting

About light transmission

Why do we add color masterbatch when we make water pipes, why not make it transparent? This is actually to make the water pipe opaque, so it is necessary to add color masterbatch to the water pipe. Because light is injected into the water through the water pipe, algae will grow on the wall of the water pipe, which is not conducive to the use and maintenance of the water pipe.

So why are some colored, water pipes with color masterbatch still transparent? This is because the color masterbatches they use have insufficient hiding power. A really good water pipe must be opaque.

About raw materials

The difference between a good raw material and a poor raw material is that the poor raw material has a wider melting range and a higher melt flow rate. What problem could this cause? That is, the water pipe starts to melt at a lower temperature during welding, and the material will be thinner and softer after melting. The too thin and soft material is actually not conducive to welding, and the welded pipe is more prone to problems. So why does this phenomenon occur with poor raw materials? Simply put, it is because there are too many things mixed in the material, and after too many things are mixed, the initial melting point will generally drop and the melting range will be elongated.

What is looking at the essence through marketing, thinking, what is the function of the water pipe? As a hidden project, what are its most basic demands? It must be to ensure the safety, stability, and long-term operation of the domestic water supply system.

What is security? It does not pollute the water. What is stability? Is the quality stable? is to minimize human influence as much as possible. What is long-term? is long-term companionship? No matter how many selling points, it will not stand the test of time, which is not what I want.

The above is the essential problem in choosing home improvement water pipes.

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