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Knowledge Of PPR Fittings

Knowledge Of PPR Fittings

PPR tubes have now been widely used in all aspects of engineering and life, but many users still lack an understanding of PPR materials and products and thus have many questions. If you want to use PPR pipe fittings correctly and improve the comfort of home life, you must have a clear understanding of it. Here, Yifan summarizes some of the questions that users often ask, and summarizes them for everyone.

About the specifications of the PPR pipe

At present, our common PPR water pipes in the market usually 25mm (commonly known as 6 pipes) and 20mm (commonly known as 4 pipes), which commonly use specifications in home improvement, of which 6 pipes uses more. Generally, the specifications, wall thickness, and other information of the pipe will mark on the pipe wall, and the user can choose according to the information and actual needs.

PPR Pipe And Fittings

About the distinction between hot and cold water pipes

The difference between hot and cold water pipes is also a question that often talks about. On the pipe wall, the hot water pipe is generally mark with a red line and the cold water pipe marks with a blue line. Hot water pipes are thicker than cold water pipes, have better pressure and high-temperature resistance, and are more stable in high-temperature environments, but will brittle at low temperatures and have a certain probability of damage; cold water pipes are similar to, On the contrary, the toughness is good at low temperature, but the strength greatly reduces at high temperature, and it is easy to deform. In non-extreme cases, the hot water pipe uses the cold water pipe, but the cold water pipe cannot replace the hot water pipe.

About the color of the PPR tube

Pure PPR raw material is actually colorless and transparent, but if the water pipe is also colorless and transparent, during use, without covering the light, algae and bacteria will breed in the pipe, thereby polluting the water quality, accelerating the aging of the water pipe, affecting the Pipe life. Therefore, manufacturers will use color masterbatch to color water pipes to enhance the anti-oxidation and light stability of pipes. The difference in color is not directly related to the quality of the pipe.

Color PPR Pipe
Color PPR Pipe

About the properties of PPR materials

In terms of comprehensive performance, PPR pipe has the advantages of a lightweight, good heat resistance, strong corrosion resistance, low thermal conductivity, small pipeline resistance, firm pipeline connection, hygienic and non-toxic, etc. It is a relatively cost-effective pipe, so it widely uses. Use, become the preferred material for home improvement plumbing.

About water pipe welding

The welding of pipe fittings affects the service life of the water pipe, which is very important. Water pipes generally use hot-melt welding technology, and use professional hot-melt equipment to heat the pipes and fittings to about 260 °C before connecting.

PPR tubes are more and more used and have become an indispensable part of many people’s homes. Yifan Pipe Industry is also committed to providing customers with high-quality PPR pipe fittings and other products with a rigorous attitude and the concept of excellence. For more information, please follow IFAN.

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