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Home Improvement Water Pipes And PPR Water Pipe Specifications

Home Improvement Water Pipes And PPR Water Pipe Specifications

Among the types of water pipes currently on the market, PPR pipes are the mainstream product in home decoration. What should I know about home PPR water pipes? IFAN takes you to understand home improvement water pipes and PPR water pipe specifications.

Advantages Of PPR Pipe

In-home decoration, hot water pipes are uniformly used for water pipes that are mixed with hot and cold water. After the PPR hot water pipe is thickened, it can ensure stability and is not easy to be damaged in the exchange of cold and heat. In addition, the biggest advantage of PPR pipe is that its pipe and pipe fittings are connected together after hot melting, which is very firm. This kind of pipe is buried directly in the ground or in the wall, and there is almost no risk in the later stage.

Reasons For The Elimination Of Aluminum-plastic Pipes

The quality of the truly qualified aluminum-plastic pipe is good, but there may be some problems with the material and the corresponding connecting parts, such as cracks when bending, or the joint leaking. When the aluminum-plastic pipe is connected with the metal joint, the pressure The tight method is simple to operate, but not reliable. It is easy to loosen when the hot and cold water is exchanged for a long time, and the copper interface is easy to leak. For these reasons, aluminum-plastic pipes are no longer popular and are replaced by PPR pipes.

PPR pipe
PPR pipe

Home PPR Pipe Specifications

The outer diameter of common PPR water pipe specifications is 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, etc. S3.2 and S2.5 hot water pipes are domestic hot water pipes. PPR pipes are divided into hot and cold water pipes, and cold water pipes cannot be used as hot water pipes.

How do distinguish between hot and cold water pipes? The difference is mainly in the withstand pressure, the withstand pressure of the cold water pipe is 1.25-1.6 MPa, and the withstand pressure of the hot water pipe is 2.0-2.5 MPa. Cold water pipes and hot water pipes have different pressure tolerances, different wall thicknesses, and different prices. Hot water pipes are thicker and more expensive than cold water pipes. The hot water pipe is marked with a red line. PPR pipes of the same specification can also distinguish between hot and cold water pipes by comparing the wall thickness. Many homes now use hot water pipes.

PPR Pipe Diameter

The PPR pipes used in home improvement are mainly 20mm and 25mm. These two types of pipes are also commonly known as 4-pipe and 6-pipe, of which 6-pipe is used more. Requirements are also constantly changing. There may be a little difference in the specifications of PPR pipes of different brands, but in general, 25mm hot water pipes are the most commonly used size in home improvement.

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