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Low Carbon Transformation Of Plastic Pipe Industry Is Imminent

Low Carbon Transformation Of Plastic Pipe Industry Is Imminent

Low carbon transformation of the plastic pipe industry is imminent. We need to make changes.

Rising raw material prices and increasing operating costs are topics that cannot be avoided in the current plastic pipe industry. Low Carbon Transformation Of Plastic Pipe Industry Is Imminent.Sponsored by China Plastics Processing Industry Association and undertaken by China Plastics Association Plastic Pipeline Special Committee, the seminar on hot issues in the plastic pipe industry and the green and sustainable development forum for the plastic pipe industry were recently held in Nanjing. 
Delegates at the meeting put forward opinions and suggestions on how to relieve pressure and promote the green and sustainable development of the industry.
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Rising raw material prices urgently need low-carbon transformation

This year's rise in the price of PVC raw materials has brought great pressure to plastic pipe enterprises, and even the situation of "increasing income but not profit" has appeared. Various costs continue to rise, and companies generally express "great pressure".
How do decompress? Only transformation. Whether it is to achieve the "dual carbon" goal or enhance its ability to resist risks, the low-carbon transformation of the industry is imminent.

Everyone’s Opinion:

Wang Zhanjie, vice chairman and secretary general of China Plastics Association and executive deputy director of the Plastic Pipeline Committee of China Plastics Association, said that the industry should actively explore the green and low-carbon development market and promote the transformation of the industrial structure of the industry to green and low-carbon.
Wang Baiti, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Zhongcai Pipeline Technology Co., Ltd., believes that due to the inflection point of the development of the real estate industry, how maintaining the market share of plastic pipes is a problem that enterprises in the industry must constantly think about. Under the background of "double carbon", only by doing a good job in self-propaganda and product transformation can we go better and better on the road of green and sustainable development.

Give full play to its own advantages and steadily expand the market

In the past 10 years, under the rapid development of my country's macro economy, my country's plastic pipes have developed rapidly under the background of the great development of chemical building materials. Plastic pipes have many advantages in many fields, so they are recommended for use in many regions.
Wang Zhanjie hopes that industry enterprises should actively expand positive publicity efforts, use high-quality products and services, scientifically publicize the industry and products, promote the application of plastic pipe products, face up to the challenges faced by the industry, and actively promote the green and sustainable development of the industry.

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