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Nan’an Plumbing Exhibition

Nan’an Plumbing Exhibition

Nan’an Plumbing Exhibition Ended Successfully

At the Fujian Nan’an Plumbing Pump Valve and Fire Equipment Fair held from August 29th to 31st, Zhejiang IFAN brought a number of new products to the exhibition, which attracted wide attention from the outside world.

1. Dialogue with Nan'an Exhibition to show IFAN style At the Fujian Nanan Plumbing Pump Valve and Fire Fighting Equipment Fair held from August 29th to 31st, Zhejiang IFAN brought a number of new products to the exhibition. With its strong supply chain advantages and high-quality products, it has won widespread attention from the outside world. IFAN HVAC ecosystem / Livable life becomes more comfortable
2. IFAN's new product "Creating a Healthy Water Life"
Nan'an Exhibition is a highly influential and authoritative professional exhibition in China. It brings together advanced technologies and the latest concepts in home plumbing and other aspects, attracting leading companies and professionals from various fields to participate in the exhibition. In this exhibition, Zhejiang IFAN mainly displayed a series of new products represented by ball valves, as well as the company concept of "creating a healthy water life".
3. Demonstrate "natural environmental protection, healthy life" At this booth, IFAN uses green as the main color, reflecting the water use proposition of "natural environmental protection, healthy life"; the open design shortens the distance between the audience and better promotes IFAN to the public; simple decoration The style is also in line with IFAN's consistent product positioning.
IFAN Product Display
4.IFAN shows the hard power of leading companies.IFAN has attracted the attention of many exhibitors and visitors during the three days of its appearance at the exhibition. IFAN has demonstrated the high quality of products and the professionalism of services to customers in detail through the combination of display and explanation, which has won wide acclaim. It has established friendships with many customers and will bring you more high-quality products and perfect plumbing solutions in the future.

Introducing high-quality talents to deeply cultivate the professional market IFAN has exchanged and learned with the majority of peers and merchants through.

IFAN Engineering PPR pipes and fittings are truly green and environmentally friendly building materials. It uses advanced and convenient hot-melt connection technology in cold and hot water transportation projects, which increases the tightness of the pipeline system. Its comprehensive technical performance and economic indicators are superior to galvanized pipes, UPVC pipes, aluminum-plastic composite pipes, and cross-linked polyethylene pipes, and it is the leading producer of water pipes in developed countries, whose Europe and America. IFAN engineering PP-R pipes and fittings use Nordic Chemicals and South Korea Hyosung as raw materials. This raw material is recognized by professionals in the industry as the world’s highest-grade PP-R raw material. Its superior performance has determined IFAN PP-R pipes, The higher quality position of pipe fittings in the market. Welcome to choose our IFAN.It will be our honor.

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