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White Aluminium-Plastic PPR Pipe

Name: Aluminium-Plastic PPR Pipe
Color: White, Green, or custom
Working Pressure: Pn20, Pn25
Lenght:4m, or custom
Sample: Freely sample

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Do you know about aluminum-plastic PPR pipes?

Aluminum-plastic composite PPR pipe is a kind of new type green-environmental building material combining the advantages of both PP – R pipe and aluminum-plastic compound pipe.

Hot melting solutions are used in the connection with pipes and fittings. The intensity of the connection part is not lower, but higher than the whole pipe itself, which strengthens the tightness of the whole system. On the other hand, it is the substitute for traditional galvanized pipe because of its reliable performance and convenient installation of AL-plastic-PPR Pipe.


Product name Aluminium-Plastic PPR Pipe
Size 20-63mm
Material Ppr, aluminum
Working Pressure PN 20, PN 25
Working Temperature 95 °c
Certification ISO9001 CE
Serviceable Life Over 50 years


Our factory introduces German advanced pipeline composite technology, PP-R pipe and aluminum layer with the help of polymer binder (glue) composite, it integrates the advantages of PP-R pipe and metal pipe, both PP-R pipe hygiene, corrosion resistance, tightness, and metal pipe rigidity.


Therefore, it has higher strength and better temperature resistance, which can be widely used in hot water, especially in the fields of high-temperature radiator heating and central air conditioning.

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