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PPR Union Fitting

Product Name: PPR Five Ways
Size: 20-110mm
Material: PPR
Connection: Welding
Usage: Water System
Advantage: Long Service Life

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Product Information:

Product Name :
PPR Union Fitting
Material :
PPR Korea Hyosung Raw Material
Connection :
Hot Welding
Color :
Green, white, gray, Customized
Certification :
Size :
Guarantee Time :
Packing :
Standard export package or Customized
Delivery Port :
Ningbo, Yiwu, Shanghai
Delivery Time :
15day after payment
Sample Time :
original design samples 7 days or date depending on according to customer’s design 

PPR Union is a common pipe connector that can be easily installed and disassembled. It mainly consists of a nut, cloud head, and flat connection. The varieties of socket unions are equal diameters and different diameters.

Classification :

The varieties of socket unions are equal in diameter and different diameters.
The socket union is composed of a socket, a socket, and a socket, and is characterized in that there is a socket on the socket, and the socket and the socket are located at two ends respectively; compared with the prior art, the design is reasonable, the operation is simple and practical Strong performance, improve operation quality and convenience.


Socket unions can be widely used in pipes of different diameters, and can also be used in water meters and valves. Due to the use of socket and socket structure, the cost of the pipe joint is reduced, and the installation, use, and maintenance are extremely convenient, and at the same time, it has a very high leak-proof ability, which is extremely promising in the market.

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