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90 Degree Elbow PP Fitting

Product Name: 90 Degree Elbow PP Fitting
Size: 20-110mm
Material: PP
Usage: Water Transportation
Package: Ifan Woven bag
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Product Name 90 Degree Elbow PP Fitting
Material  PP
Connection method Fast connect
Size 20-110mm
Color Dark Blue, or custom
Function Piping Connection
Standard ISO. CE
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Ifan 604 pipe and fitting



◎Because HDPE molecules have no polarity, they have good chemical stability. With the exception of a few strong oxidants, most chemical mediators do not destroy them. It does not breed bacteria and does not scale, and its circulation area will not decrease with the increase in operating time. It is an environmentally friendly product.
◎Good connection strength (mainly hot-melt butt socket) such as few joints, and no leakage.
◎Convenient construction: Thanks to the lightweight HDPE pipe, it is convenient to carry and connect, so the construction is fast and the maintenance work is simple. In the case of tight construction periods and poor construction conditions, its advantages are more obvious.
◎The small friction coefficient and the large flow rate: the pipeline use HDPE as the material can pass a larger flow rate than other pipes of the same caliber. In other words, under the same requirements, HDPE pipes with relatively small diameters can be used.
Good flexibility and a certain degree of deflection (22.5°). HDPE pipe can be slightly deflected in the axial direction and is not affected by the uneven settlement of the ground to a certain extent; it can be directly laid in the slightly uneven groove without using pipe fittings, etc.

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