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Plug PP Fitting

Product name: Plug PP Fitting
Color: Blue or custom
Size: 20-110mm
Connection: Compression
Sample: Freely sample
MOQ: 380pcs

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The plug is used to block the pipe at the end of the pipe, and the two ends must be homogeneously connected. It can be perfectly connected with the pipe and has strong pressure resistance, no rust, and no water leakage, to ensure the safe use of users.


Easy installation.
Hdpe pipe fittings
Water distribution, Irrigation
Injection molding
PP Compression Fittings for PE pressure piping applications.

Polypropylene Compression Coupling

1. Polypropylene Compression Couplings are made from the material polypropylene and are available in sizes from 20mm o.d. to 110mm o.d.
2. This fitting is designed to connect two lengths of Polyethylene (PE) pipe of the same diameter together, which can be done simply and quickly without the need for gluing or solvent welding.
3. Our PP Compression Fittings range has a heterophasic black polypropylene body suitable at high temperatures, with a polyacetal resin clinching ring and a blue-dyed PP nut offering suitability to UV rays and system heat. These fittings also use an acrylonitrile rubber or lip seal gasket, based on the different fitting diameters.

Hdpe Fittings
Ifan Hdpe Fittings


Matters needing attention in the daily application of HDPE water supply pipes

1. It is installed in the open air, where there is sunlight, so it is necessary to take shielding measures.
2. For HDPE water supply pipelines buried in the ground, the pipelines with DN≤110 can be installed in a slightly serpentine shape in summer, and the pipelines with DN≥110 can resist thermal stress due to sufficient soil resistance, so there is no need to reserve pipe length; in winter, No need to reserve pipe length.
3. Pay attention to controlling the angle and direction of the pipe fittings to avoid rework.

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