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Pipe Cutter

Name: Pipe Cutter
Brand: IFAN
Size: 16-40mm
Usage: Used for cutting various pipes
Package: Suction card packing
MOQ: 10pcs


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Product Information:

·Size: 16-40mm
·All steel construction
.Teflon Coated 65MN Blade
.Triangular convex point Blade design.Ergonomically designed grips
.Self-locking Ratchet drive technology
. Stainless steel buckle design
.Widely used for cutting various pipes

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1. Open the buckle
2. Open the two handle
3. Put the pipe into the blades and press the handle to cut
4. close the buckle

PPR Pipe
PPR Pipe


1) All steel construction with high strength and hardness for heavy-duty cutting jobs;
2) High-quality 65MN blade is coated with Teflon for smooth, sharp, and precision cuts;
3) The triangular convex point design at the blade can make highly efficient cuts;
4) Ergonomically designed grips provide comfortable handling;
5) Self-locking Ratchet drive technology greatly saves your strength;
6) The stainless steel hook design at the bottom can help the product to be stored better:
7) Widely used for cutting various pipes: PPR, PVC, CPVC, PEX, and rubber hoses. etc. suitable for plumber household repairman.

IFAN PPR pipes are very popular. Here are the detailed five steps to connect PPR with a hot-melt device:

1. Open the box of the hot melt device, install the bracket, install the heating touch according to the size of the PPR, and tighten it with a hexagonal wrench.

2. Turn on the power. The green light indicates that it is heating; when the green light extinguishes and the red light is turned on, it indicates that it can be used and enters the temperature control state.

3. Use a pipe cutter to cut PPR vertically.

4. Use your foot to hold the bracket; push PPR and fittings into the heating touch at the same time without rotating, and heat them for 4 seconds. If the room temperature is 5 degrees below zero, the heating time will be extended to 6 seconds.

5. Remove PPR and fittings immediately and insert them to the desired depth quickly and swiftly, and evenly.


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