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PEX Slide Female Elbow

Name: PEX Slide Female Elbow
Brand: IFAN
Size:16mm 20mm 25mm
Material: Brass CW617
Connection: Clamp connection
Customized support: OEM&ODM

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Name  PEX Slide Female Elbow Customized support OEM&ODM
Brand IFAN Shape Reduce
Size 16mm 20mm 25mm Application water supply
Material  Brass CW617 MOQ 3 cartons
Connection Clamp connection Warranty 3 years
Technical Forged Packing IFAN opp bag
PEX Slide Fitting -1
PEX Slide Fitting

Advantages of sliding technology

1) No leaks and no O-rings;

2) Low pressure loss, because the inner diameter of the fitting and the pipe are almost the same;

3) Axial extrusion technology one-time extrusion molding, no need for post-maintenance;

4) The sliding tight connection is simple, strong and reliable, and is currently the most reliable pipeline connection method recognized worldwide.

5) The process is simple, the inspection is intuitive, and the safety is guaranteed without relying too much on the quality and concentration of the workers. The pulling force and shaking will not affect the sealing performance, and there will be no hidden dangers after construction.

PEX Slide Fittings-3
PEX Slide Fittings

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Pipe System

The pipe underground is one of the core components of the floor heating system, and it is also one of the decisive factors to determine whether the whole system can run without fault for a long time. IFAN heating pipe is made by the peroxide cross-linking polyethylene (PE-Xa) material.

The cross-linking process is to use peroxide to form a chemical bond between the molecular chains of polyethylene, forming a three-dimensional network structure which creates a tough durable, high pressure and high temperature resistant pipe material. Then IFAN special connection technology provides you a reliable leak-free connection with excellent toughness and strength to ensure more than 30 years of service life.

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