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Product Features of PPR Fittings

Product Features of PPR Fittings

PPR fittings have the following product features, which IFAN will introduce to you.

1.Hygienic and non-toxic: all parts of the pipeline system composed of PP-R pipes and fittings can be completely non-toxic, and the hygienic indicators meet the requirements of GB/T17219 standards.

2.No rust: It can withstand the corrosion of a PH value of 1-14 and high concentrations of acid and alkali in a wide temperature range.

3. Wear-resistant and non-scaling: The inner wall of PP-R pipes and fittings is uniform and smooth, with small flow resistance and no scaling.

4. Reduce vibration and noise: PP-R pipe has excellent sound insulation performance, which can significantly reduce vibration and noise caused by liquid flow.

PPR Pipe And Fittings
PPR Pipe And Fittings

5. Anti-frost crack: PP-R material has excellent elasticity, so that the section of the pipe and pipe fittings will expand together with the frost-heave liquid without bursting.

6. Anti-condensation, less heat loss: PP-R material is a poor thermal conductor, which can reduce condensation and heat loss.

7. Electric corrosion resistance: PP-R material is a poor conductor, which can avoid the phenomenon of electric corrosion.

8. Simple installation: lightweight, easy installation, and operation, good weldability.

9. Large cross-sectional area of ​​pipe fittings: The inner diameter of PP-R pipe fittings is slightly larger than the inner diameter of the connected pipes, which can ensure that the fluid does not increase the flow resistance at the pipe fittings.

10. Recyclable: PP-R pipes and fittings can be recycled and reused.

11. Long service life: The service life of the pipeline system can reach 50 years under the specified conditions of use.

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