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Performance Characteristics Of Ppr PPR

Performance Characteristics Of PPR

There are many performance characteristics of PPR tubes, the following IFAN will explain to you, I hope to help you.

Good Corrosion Resistance:

Except for a few oxidants, it is resistant to erosion by various chemical media, does not rust, does not corrode, does not breed bacteria, and has no electrochemical corrosion.

Good Heat Resistance:

it can be used for a long time when the working water temperature is 70°C, the short-term use water temperature is up to 95°C, the softening temperature is 140°C, and the weight is light. The density is 0.89~0.9g/cm3, which is only one-ninth of the steel pipe and one-tenth of the copper pipe. Due to the lightweight, the transportation cost and the construction strength of the installation can be greatly reduced.

Hygienic And Non-toxic:

PP-R material is completely composed of two elements, carbon and hydrogen, without adding any toxic heavy metal salt stabilizers. The hygienic performance of the material has been tested by the national authoritative department.

Long service life PPR pipes have a service life of more than 50 years at rated operating temperature and pressure.


Small Water Flows Resistance:

The inner wall of the pipe is smooth and will not scale. The coefficient of friction is only 0.007, which is much lower than that of metal pipes. The water passing capacity is more than 30% higher than that of metal pipes of the same specification.

Good Thermal Insulation Performance:

Due to the low thermal conductivity of PP-R material, the thermal conductivity at 20°C is 0.21-0.24W/MK, which is much smaller than that of steel pipe, so the PP-R pipe has good thermal insulation performance.

Small Expansion Force:

Due to the small elastic modulus of the PP-R material, the expansion force caused by the temperature change is small, and it is suitable for direct burial and concealed application of embedded walls and ground surfaces.

The System Is Firmly Connected:

PP-R pipes are connected by hot melt, connecting pipes and fittings of the same material into a whole. The tensile, bending, and impact strength of the interface are higher than the strength of the pipe body, thereby preventing the danger of water leakage.

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