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PPR Water Pipe Silver Pattern Phenomenon

PPR Water Pipe Silver Pattern Phenomenon

When cutting PPR water pipes, the incision is often seen with white edges. This is the PPR water pipe silver pattern phenomenon. Many people think that this is a problem with the quality of the water pipe. But is this really the case? Ifan is described for you in detail.

PPR water pipe silver pattern phenomenon
Silver Pattern Phenomenon

The silver pattern phenomenon refers to local plastic deformation of the polymer under the influence of tension and in some weak places in the material. The phenomenon of slight grooves or “cracks” with a thickness of about 1 μm.

When cutting the PPR water pipe, the blade is cutting the water pipe vertically, and at the same time, it will also generate a tay stress. This force causes the PPR material to produce a silver pattern phenomenon at the incision, which means plastic deformation. Because the location of the silver pattern phenomenon is different from the normal PPR material, the silver white luster will be displayed under the light.


One feature of the part of the phenomenon of the silver pattern is reversibility. It can disappear above the temperature of the material glass, called “self-healing”. Therefore, for the water pipe incision that generates a silver pattern, the silver pattern will disappear naturally.

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