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PPR Tube Bacteriostatic Function

PPR Tube Bacteriostatic Function

Our living water is from the water factory from the water plant. After a long and complex urban water supply system, we can use our use. And the water supply pipeline is old and aging over time, and various rust and flora have been formed inside, endangering the safety of our family’s water. According to the World Health Organization survey, more than half of the disease around the world is directly related to poor drinking water quality.

Now, the concept of healthy drinking water has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, which must put forward new requirements for the health and safety of home water supply. The application of bacteriostatic materials in plastic pipes provides solutions for home safety water supply. Many friends are not very clear about the various PPR bacteriostatic tubes on the market. Below, IFAN will introduce you.

White PPR Pipe And Fittings
White PPR Pipe And Fittings

First of all, it is clear what is the principle of a bacteriostatic PPR tube. Can I really make the tap water in my home truly sterile?

To be precise, the so-called bacteriostatic pipeline can keep the growth and reproduction of certain microorganisms (bacteria) in the pipeline within a certain period of time, maintaining a high-tech pipeline below the necessary safety level. Bacterial suppression is different from sterilization, sterilization, and disinfection. It does not completely kill microorganisms, but reduces the concentration of microorganisms on the surface of the product and makes it impossible to endanger human health. Fully killing microorganisms will destroy the balance between humans and microorganisms, which will reduce the immune capacity of the human body. Therefore, in our daily life, the main application of bacteriostatoscope is to resist the infringement of microorganisms. From the perspective of ecological balance, this is also in line with the principle of coexistence of humans and microorganisms, which is beneficial to human health.

White PPR Pipe
White PPR Pipe

What is the effect of PPR tube bacteriostatic?

PPR pipe products are green products and can use for pure water drinking pipeline systems. According to the World Health Organization survey, there are more than 50 diseases caused by poor drinking water quality. Therefore, the choice of bacteriostatic PPR tube is beneficial to our health.
Yifan’s production of PPR pipelines must not only meet the needs of users’ daily water but also improve higher improvement in environmental protection. IFAN quality, Youjia life, escort your home water guarantee.

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