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How To Use PPR Welding Machine ?

How To Use PPR Welding Machine?

How to use Ppr Welding Machine:

1. It also called a heat sealer or hot melt machine. The hot-melt connection of PPR pipes and fittings will use this machine, and the hot-melt effect is very good!

2. When using the it , first assemble the hot melt accessories, such as the hot melt frame, the heating dies, and the heating tip.

3. After preparing a series of accessories, turn on the power and check whether the welding machine is running normally. As observed by the indicator light, when the green light is on, it means that it has entered the automatic running state, and you can start to use it at this time. If the red and green lights flash alternately, it means that The welding machine is under control, indicating normal operation!

4. The hot-melt connection of PPR pipes is an important step. The pipes that need to be connected should be placed on the heating end for heating. Remember to complete them within the specified time (generally, 20 pipes are about 5 seconds, 25 pipes are about 5 seconds). About 7 seconds, about 8 seconds for 32 tubes, and about 12 seconds for 40 tubes) butt joints should be balanced, and after welding, it should be cooled for about 10 minutes before water is used.

IFAN PPR Pipe Welding Machine:

Advantage: Convenient, advanced, necessary choice for welding PPR-pipes

  • Lightweight, convenient transport & handle.

  • High-pressure resistance Corrosion resistance

  • High-temperature resistance

  • Good Sound insulation and heat preservation

  • Hygienic, harmless, and potable water installations

  • Recyclable, environment friendly

  • Healthy and non-toxic, bacterial neutral, conforming to drinking water standards

  • Low construction expense due to easy and reliable installation

  • Suitable for both exposed and hidden installation

  • Long serviceable life of at least 50 years under normal conditions after testing

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