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Precautions For Kitchen Water And Electricity Installation

Precautions For Kitchen Water And Electricity Installation

The kitchen is a key part of home improvement. Once the water and electricity installation is wrong, it will be reworked, which will cause a lot of waste. Regarding this issue, there are some points that we must pay attention to.

Determine how the water and electricity in the kitchen should be installed, and consider the number of sockets to be set. Since the kitchen is usually the place where the water and electricity are used the most in the home, 3-5 sockets should be reserved for emergencies.

Precautions For Kitchen Water And Electricity Installation

1. In order to use electricity safely

it is necessary to install the socket waterproof box during the decoration. This reduces the risk of electric shock and also prevents oil fumes from contaminating the socket, reducing cleaning efforts.

Green PPR Pipe
Green PPR Pipe

2. Under normal circumstances

Before we install water and electricity in the kitchen, we must design the location of the water and electricity installation. Pay attention to the reasonable distinction between hot and cold water pipes, and do the following:

  • Keep the height of the hot and cold water nozzles the same.
  • The outlet of the hot and cold water pipes should be 2 cm higher than the wall.
  • The cold and hot water supply pipes are vertical to the wall, and the distance is guaranteed to be 15 cm.
  • Pay more attention to the treatment of water joints, and use buffering to accumulate water to prevent everyone from using water.
  • Sometimes there is insufficient water due to insufficient water pressure.
  • Pay attention to the concealment of water pipes to avoid long-term exposure of water pipes, which will shorten their life of water pipes.
  • In the design of the circuit, think about the placement of the kitchen appliances in advance, and reserve the wired interface to facilitate the use of subsequent additions of home appliances.

Summary Of Points To Note:

  • First, according to the on-site investigation, a good drawing produce , and then the construction carry out;
  • Choose sockets with switches to avoid loose sockets;
  • Note that the electric potential and the gas stagger , and the gas stove cannot close to the refrigerator;
  • Gas water heaters do not place in the kitchen;
  • Test the plumbing.

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