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How To Simply Distinguish Inferior Plastic Pipes?

How To Simply Distinguish Inferior Plastic Pipes?

Plastic pipes are widely used in domestic water, gas, and other fields. The quality of products is directly related to people’s health and life safety. Doping pipes contain a lot of toxic substances, which are flammable and explosive. Just like “chronic drug drinking”, a “time bomb” is placed around you. Because the quality of pipes is not easy to find in a short period of time, some unscrupulous manufacturers counterfeit products for personal gain, resulting in frequent accidents. In addition, some consumers only care about the price and lose the big because of the small.

How to simply distinguish adulterated plastic tubes?

1. Look

Appearance: The inner and outer walls of the good tube are smooth and the outer surface is matt; the inner and outer walls of the poor tube are generally rough, or the outside is abnormally bright like a mirror.

End face: The end face of the good pipe is relatively smooth, the density is high, and the color is uniform; when there is too much-recycled material, there will be pores on the end face, and if the carbon black content in the black PE pipe is too low, the end face will be whitish locally.

Pipe wall thickness: The thickness of the pipe wall at each point of the good pipe is relatively uniform, and the unevenness of the pipe wall is more obvious for some poor pipes due to poor extrusion equipment.

Buoyancy: The density of normal PE and PPR pipes is slightly smaller than that of water, and they will generally be suspended in water or float on the water surface; if more fillers (such as calcium powder, etc.) are added, they will sink to the bottom.

Welding: When hot-melting, the flanging of the good pipe is uniform, dense and free of voids; if some recycled materials are added to the pipe or the moisture content of the raw materials used exceeds the standard, the welding flanging will produce pores.

Green PPR pipe
Testing Premium Green PPR pipe

2. Smell

Odor: A good tube has no odor. If too much-recycled material and impurities are added to the tube, there may be a strange pungent smell.

3. Ask

Pricing: At present, the prices of conventional plastic pipes such as PE and PPR are relatively transparent. It is easy to understand that the prices of many pipes in the market are lower than the prices of raw materials, which are obviously mixed with unqualified raw materials.

Professionalism: Before purchasing, you can consult professional institutions or industry experts to understand the characteristics of plastic pipes, so as to obtain more detailed instructions and reasonable suggestions.

4. Cut

Texture: the texture of the good tube is fine and smooth, the surface of the poor tube is rough and uneven

Toughness: The cutting strip is produced by milling the end face of the pipe before hot-melting is manually drawn. The toughness of the good pipe is better, and it is not easy to be broken, while the inferior pipe is easy to be broken.

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