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How To Choose Right Water Pipe?

How To Choose Right Water Pipe?

Water pipes are the main materials for home decoration. Whether they are new or renovated, they are important materials to ensure water for daily life. How to choose the pipes to make the waterway of the home smooth?

Knowing the material is the most important

“Concealed engineering” is a very important issue. If the water pipe leaks and bursts, it will bring irreparable consequences. In the past, pipes for water supply were mainly cast iron pipes. Sand cast iron pipes are mainly used outdoors, and galvanized cast iron pipes are used indoors. However, after a few years of use, it is easy to produce a large amount of rust, which breeds bacteria and seriously endangers human health.

There is a difference between metal and plastic

The water pipe is the water supply pipe. Now the water pipes are repaired using buried walls. There are three types of water pipes. The first is metal pipes, such as plastic-lined hot-dip cast iron pipes, copper pipes, and stainless steel pipes. The second category is plastic-coated metal pipes, such as plastic-coated steel pipes, aluminum-plastic composite pipes, etc. The third category is plastic pipes, such as PB, and PP-R.

PPR Pipe
IFAN Green PPR Pipe

Standard water pipe requirements: the most important thing is to meet the actual situation

Pipes are a hidden project in home decoration, and kitchen and bathroom water pipes are an important part of the family. Domestic water, baths, bathroom drainage, etc. are inseparable from pipes. But because of its invisibility, the choice of pipe is all the more important. The information shows that once these hidden works are refurbished once, the investment will be more than 10 times higher than the upfront investment. So, what requirements should a standard water pipe meet?

(1)Economic performance

The economics of the pipeline cannot be measured by the first investment, as it is a “small investment, large loss” product. The key to the economic performance of water pipes is long life, maintenance-free, and no loss. If the service life of pipes and fittings can not be compared with that of buildings, it will bring more than 10 times the loss of pipes to consumers, and may also cause loss of family property and increase maintenance costs.

(2)Corrosion resistance

In addition to the strength of the water pipe material, high-quality water pipe materials must also have strong corrosion resistance. Its main contents are water flow corrosion resistance, water resistance corrosion resistance, air corrosion resistance, etc. Corrosion is a secondary factor that causes water leakage in water pipes, but it is the primary factor that causes water pollution in water pipes.

(3)Thermal expansion performance

We use both cold water and hot water in our lives; the environment in which we live will also change with the seasons. Therefore, high-quality pipes should not be thermally conductive materials but should have a small thermal expansion coefficient and greater adaptability to ambient temperature and operating temperature.

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