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How to judge pipe quality easily?

How To Judge Pipe Quality Easily?

“Look” Appearance

  • Good PP-R tubes have pure color, no variegation, and matt color; while poor tubes are slightly transparent or semi-transparent.

“Listen” to the Sound

  • The sound of the PP-R pipe is dull, and the sound of the pseudo-PP-R pipe is crisper.


  • A good-quality PPR tube smells without any odor, and a poor-quality tube will have a pungent odor.

“Burning” Smoke Smell

  • Good materials will not emit black smoke and odor after burning. After burning, the molten liquid will be very clean; while the pipes produced from recycled materials and corner materials will emit black smoke and have a pungent smell.


  • The normal welding temperature of PP-R pipeline welding is in the range of 260-290 °C, and the welding quality will be better guaranteed when welding within this temperature range. If the welding parameters are under normal welding parameters, the product can easily enter the welding mold.

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Matters Needing Attention:

  1. PP-R pipe has low hardness and poor rigidity than metal pipe. It should be protected in handling and construction to avoid mechanical damage caused by an inappropriate external force. In the dark compress mark the location of the pipeline, so as not to damage the pipeline’s secondary decoration.
  1. The PP-R pipe has a certain low-temperature brittleness below 5 ℃. Be careful in winter construction. When cutting the pipe, use a sharp knife to cut it slowly. Cover the installed pipeline parts vulnerable to external force with protective material.
  2. PP-R pipes are prone to aging and degradation after long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays and must be wrapped with a dark protective layer when installed outdoors.
  3. PP-R pipes are connected with metal pipes or water appliances with threaded inserts or flanges, and the rest are connected by hot melt so that the pipes are integrated and there is no leakage point.
  4. The linear expansion coefficient of the PP-R pipe is relatively large (0.15mm/m°C), and technical measures to prevent the expansion and deformation of the pipe must be taken when laying the pipe in the open or non-direct burial.

So that’s how to judge pipe quality easily.


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