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Where Is The Pvc Conduit Used?

Where Is The Pvc Conduit Used?

The material name of PVC pipe is polyvinyl chloride, which is a thermoplastic resin material. It has very good mechanical properties with a tensile strength of about 60 MPa. Adding some additives in the pipe-making process will make the PVC pipe flame retardant, acid and alkali-resistant, and wear-resistant, and it is the most important thermal insulation material for the threading pipe. It is these excellent characteristics that make PVC threading pipes occupy a huge market. Different application fields require PVC pipes to have different functions, so PVC threading pipes will have different applications.

Next, IFAN will show you how to use PVC pipes in different places.


Concealed in the wall, underground non-combustible line pipe, as well as the line pipe used in rural buildings and general residential home improvement, must be in line with the Ministry of Construction JG3050-199 [1] No. 8 standard “Construction Electrical Insulation Sleeves and Fittings”, has certain flame retardant properties, and meets the requirements of physical and mechanical properties of PVC threading pipes.

CPVC Pipe And Fittings
CPVC Pipe And Fittings

Public Gathering Places

For example, in hotels, restaurants, shopping malls (large supermarkets), libraries, singing and dancing entertainment, and other places, when the wires under the ceilings and floors are protected by pipes, because there are many flammable and flammable materials under the floors, the higher combustion performance level should be selected. flame retardant PVC pipe.

Fire Safety Department

Fire-retardant PVC threading pipes that meet the standards of the Ministry of Public Security must be used for fire-fighting distribution lines and electrical lines of automatic fire alarm systems.


For the renovation of exposed wires of cultural relics and ancient buildings, interior decoration, secondary decoration of houses, and renovation of old and old buildings that require exposed wires (hidden in ceilings and floors), flame-retardant PVC threading pipes with combustion performance above B1 must be used.

The above are some methods that IFAN has summarized for you on how to use PVC pipes correctly on different occasions. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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