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What is the connection method of HDPE pipe?

What is the connection method of HDPE pipe?

Many people don’t know much about HDPE pipes, which are thermoplastic resins with high strength and relatively high crystallinity.

Generally speaking, it is a traditional steel pipe, which can also be used for drinking water pipes. Because it can withstand relatively high pressure, it is made of PE resin with better performance, resulting in relatively high strength.

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What are the connection methods of HDPE pipes?

Hot melt connection

The method of hot melting can be adopted, which is also the connection method adopted by many pipelines. The pipeline is heated under a certain pressure, and the heated tool can only be removed after melting. Apply a certain pressure, so that the two melting interfaces can be connected together, and under a certain pressure, keep a distance until it cools down, so that the connection safety of the HDPE pipe can be guaranteed.

Socket type flexible connection

It is also possible to adopt a socket-type flexible connection method, that is to say, one end of the pipe is first welded and then reinforced, so that the other end is directly inserted into the socket of the pipe, and a rubber sealing ring is also required for sealing. Ability to connect tubing in place.

What are the steps for flexible socket connection of HDPE drainage pipe?


First of all, it needs to be cut according to the length of the pipe. It is necessary to ensure that the cutting surface is perpendicular to the axis of the pipe. At the same time, it is necessary to remove the burrs and burrs of its port.

Clean up

Next, use a special chamfering machine to pour the pipe into an angle of 30 degrees. At the same time, the bevel of the pipe reaches about half of the wall thickness. At the same time, it is necessary to wipe the inside and outside of the pipe with gauze. Acetone-based cleaners can be used for cleaning.


It is necessary to reduce the depth of the interface by 10 pen meters, and as the length of insertion, the marking line must be done.


Finally, check and adjust the sealing ring, apply special lubricant to the periphery of the sealing ring with a brush, and then insert it.

The above content is the connection method of HDPE pipe specifically introduced by IFAN. It can be connected by hot melting or flexible socket of the drain pipe. Both methods must ensure the sealing performance to ensure its relatively stable performance.


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