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What Features Of PERT Pipe?

What Features Of PERT Pipe?

The heat-resistant polyethylene floor heating pipe for floor heating produced by IFAN has the following excellent properties:

  1. Lightweight, easy to transport, install and construct.
  2. Good elasticity, small bending radius, up to 5 times the outer diameter of the pipe. Pipe laying is convenient and economical, and methods such as coiling and bending can be used during construction to reduce the use of pipe fittings and construction costs;
  3. When the pipeline is bent, the stress at the bending part can be relaxed quickly, and there will be no “rebound” phenomenon, which is convenient for construction operations, so as to avoid the damage of the pipeline at the bend caused by stress concentration during use;
  4. The friction loss of the pipeline is small, the hydraulic performance is good, and the fluid transportation capacity is improved;
  5. PE-RT pipe has excellent low-temperature resistance, can be constructed under low-temperature conditions in winter, and does not need to be preheated when the pipe is bent, which can solve the loss caused by the low temperature in northern my country and the inability to construct;
  6. Good chemical resistance, no rust, long service life.
  7. It has good environmental adaptability. Under the conditions of low-temperature hot water ground radiant heating, the pipeline can be used safely for more than 50 years;
  8. Good impact resistance, the hot-melt connection is integrated, no leakage;
  9. Good heat dissipation performance, the thermal conductivity of 0.4W/(m. K) is much higher than 0.22W/(m. K) of PPR and 0.17W/(m. K) of PB. Significant resource savings can be achieved in heating applications.
  10. It is a green and environmentally friendly product, which can be recycled and reused, and the environment is pollution-free

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