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Various valve pressure test methods 2

Various valve pressure test methods 2

Various valve pressure test methods 2: How to test the pressure of a Check valve ,other ball valves, pay attention to us .this is our facebook v
Under normal circumstances, industrial valves are not subject to strength tests when they are in use, but strength tests should be performed on repaired valve bodies and bonnets or corroded valve bodies and bonnets. For the safety valve, its set pressure, reseating pressure and other tests shall comply with the specifications of its instructions and relevant regulations. The strength and tightness test should be done before the valve is installed. 20% of the low-pressure valves are spot-checked, and 100% of them should be checked if they are unqualified; 100% of the medium and high-pressure valves should be checked. The commonly used media for pressure testing of valves are water, oil, air, steam, nitrogen, etc. The pressure testing methods of various industrial valves including pneumatic valves are as follows:

Test status of the check valve: the disc axis of the lift check valve is in a position perpendicular to the horizontal; the channel axis and disc axis of the swing check valve are in a position approximately parallel to the horizontal line.

During the strength test, the test medium is introduced from the inlet end to the specified value, and the other end is closed, and it is qualified to see that there is no leakage from the valve body and bonnet.


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