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Protection Matters Of PPR Pipe In Summer

Protection Matters Of PPR Pipe In Summer

Please pay attention to the protection of PPR pipes in the summer.The weather is hot, rainy, and humid in summer. If you carefully observe the PPR water pipe in use, you may find that there are water droplets on the pipe wall, like “sweat”; if the pipe placed outdoors for a long time, it may also become brittle.

Some users suspect that there is a problem with the quality of the water pipe, but in fact, it caused by the climatic environment and some properties of the PPR pipe itself. So don’t worry about the material problem, but take appropriate protective measures.

Many users may know the things to pay attention to when using PPR tubes in winter, but it is often easy to ignore the summer months. IFAN summarizes some common phenomena and how to deal with them so that you can use pipes in summer with more peace of mind.



PPR pipe wall “sweating” is usually not a quality problem, but because of high summer temperature, high air humidity, and high water vapor content. After the water vapor encounters the lower temperature PPR pipe wall, it will liquefy and adhere to the surface of the pipe. If the ambient temperature is higher, the temperature difference with the pipe wall is larger, and the water droplets will be more. The most fundamental way to avoid the “sweat” of the water pipe is to avoid the direct contact of the water pipe with moist air to prevent liquefaction, or to reduce the temperature difference between the pipe and the surrounding air. On the one hand, the insulation layer can install to reduce the contact with the air; if the water pipe is toinstall , it can installed in a dark and low-temperature place, which can also effectively overcome the phenomenon of liquefaction.

High Temperature

It also that in a high-temperature environment, do not stack PPR tubes outdoors for a long time. The raw material of the PPR tube is polypropylene, and the polypropylene material is afraid of ultraviolet rays, so the aging of the PPR tube will accelerate under the scorching sun in summer, so pay attention to it. PPR pipe has good corrosion resistance and can bury concealed. However, if the objective reason is unavoidable to be in contact with the sun, the following measures can also take: apply special anti-radiation material on the surface of the pipe; wrap the exposed water pipe with black sunscreen foam; cover it with a dark protective layer, etc. In short, try to avoid long-term direct contact with sunlight.

The above is an introduction to the two common situations in summer use, and the most basic care of the PPR tube is also essential. As a healthy pipe commonly used in home decoration, PPR pipe has strong corrosion resistance, safety and environmental protection, and long service life. Effectively improve the quality of home decoration for users. For more questions about water pipes, you can follow IFAN to learn.

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