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Stainless Steel Brass Fittings

Name: Stainless Steel Brass Fittings
Material: Stainless Steel
Size: 20-63mm
Brand: IFAN
Packing: OPP Bag+Box
Water Pressure: PN25

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Product Information:

Name: IFAN Stainless Steel Brass Fittings
Material: Stainless Steel
Size: 20-63mm
Brand: IFAN
Packing: OPP Bag+Box
Water Pressure: PN25

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IFAN Product Advantage:

Clean and hygienic

Clean and hygienic, not easy to be contaminated by bacteria, no fouling, very simple and clean, and low cleaning cost.

Long life

The service life is very long (even in the case of periodic vibration), and the field corrosion test data shows that the service life of stainless steel water pipes can reach 100 years.

Low cost

The life cycle cost is low, almost no maintenance is required, the cost and trouble of replacing the pipeline are avoided, the operation cost is low, and the economy is significant.

Stainless Steel Brass Fittings
Stainless Steel Brass Fittings

Save electricity

Save electricity, the stainless steel surface is smooth, the friction is small, the water resistance is only 2/5 of the carbon steel pipe at a low flow rate, there is no bottleneck resistance, the energy consumption of the water pump is low, and the stainless steel pipe network is used for water supply in large areas with favorable terrain. It can save half of the power consumption of the pumping station. The water flow of the stainless steel hot water pipe is larger than that of other metal pipes with the same diameter.

Save water

Save water and energy, and significantly reduce the leakage rate of water, so that water resources can be protected and utilized.

Environmental friendly

6. Environmental protection, stainless steel can be recycled 100%, will not cause environmental pollution, is conducive to sustainable development; stainless steel waste also has great economic value.


Stainless steel is beautiful, clean, and fashionable, giving users sufficient confidence, and stainless steel hot water pipes help to improve urban construction.

Easy to buy

The product is easy to buy, there are many ways to choose, the construction device is simple and reliable, the connection methods and pipe fittings are various, the customer can choose freely, the connection is firm, and there is no leakage. The pipe accessories can be made of stainless steel or copper-based alloys. Made, the cost of the equipment is competitive.

Wide range of uses

It can be widely used in municipal water supply networks, pipeline direct drinking water, hot water transportation and building water supply, heating water pipes, steam pipes, outdoor pipes in cold areas, urban fire water supply, pump rooms, and other occasions. Concealed or buried.

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