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White PPR Male Elbow

Name: PPR Male Elbow
Brand: IFAN
Size: 20-63mm
Material: PPR
Sample: Free
Color: White/grey/green

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Product Information:

Name PPR Male Elbow
Size 20-63mm
Material Korea Hyosung Raw Material
Color  White/grey/green 
Connection Welding
Work Temperature -35℃ -110℃
Packing Opp Bag+Color Carton
Certification IOS9001,CE
Delivery Port Ningbo, Yiwu, Shanghai
Delivery time 15day after payment

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How are PPR pipes and fittings connected?

1. The connection between PPR pipes and fittings should be hot-melt, and the connection with water heaters must use pipe fittings with metal inserts.

2. Hot-melt connection construction must use reliable hot-melt equipment to ensure the quality of welding.

3. Use special scissors to cut the pipe vertically. The incision should be smooth and free of burrs.

4. Clean the welding parts of pipes and fittings to avoid sand, dust, etc. from damaging the quality of the joints; fix the heating head matching the size of the pipe to be welded on the fuser, connect the power supply, and wait for the heating head to reach the optimum temperature.

5. Use a pencil to mark the welding depth on the pipe.

6. Insert the pipe and pipe fittings into the fusion splicer, and heat them according to the specified time.

7. After heating, take out the pipe and pipe fittings and connect them immediately. When the pipes and pipe fittings are connected and matched, if the two are not in the right position, you can make a small amount of adjustment within a certain period of time, but the torsion angle must not exceed 5 ℃.

8. After the connection is completed, you must hold the pipe and fittings tightly with both hands, keep enough cooling time, and let go after cooling to a certain extent, and continue to install the next section of pipe.

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