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White PPR Female Tee

Name: PPR Female Tee
Brand: IFAN
Material: PPR
Size: 20-63mm
Color: White/grey/green
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PPR Female Thread Tee is a piping system used for all kinds of water applications including hot and cold potable water applications, hydronic heating applications, and both chilled water and cooling tower circulation pipes.

Product Detail 

Name  PPR Female Tee Customized support OEM, ODM
Size 20-63mm Technics Casting
Color White/grey/green Certification ISO. CE
Brand IFAN Usage Water Transportation
Material PPR Advantage Long Service Life

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Advantages of IFAN PPR pipeline

PP-R pipe: It has the advantages of light material, good strength, non-toxicity, corrosion resistance, long service life, no rust, antifreeze, waste can be recycled, etc. Therefore, it can be used as hot and cold water pipes, pure water pipes and drinking water pipes, etc. It also has the following main features:

1) Heat-resistant and heat-preserving, it is an energy-saving product. The Vicat softening temperature of the PP-R pipe is 131.3°C, the maximum service temperature is 95°C, and the long-term (50-year) service temperature is 70°C. The thermal conductivity of this product is 0.24W/m°C, which is only 1/ of the thermal conductivity of steel pipe 200, with excellent heat preservation and energy-saving effect for hot water pipes;
2) No fouling: the inner and outer walls are smooth, have strong corrosion resistance, and have little flow resistance to flowing liquid;
3) Easy and reliable installation, using the hot-melt connection, a joint connection can be completed in a few seconds, and high-quality metal nickel-plated inserts are used to connect with metal pipes and water heaters, which is safe and reliable.
4) Easy to recycle, environmentally friendly, and healthy.

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