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White PPR Equal Tee

Name: PPR Equal Tee
Brand Name: IFAN
Size: 20-110mm
Material: PPR
Certification: ISO. CE
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What is PPR equal tee used for?

This Equal fitting is used to direct and divert drainage in the plumbing system along various diameters across different outlets in the plumbing system. A tee is specifically useful in changing the direction of discharge water flow from branch lines to stacks.

Product Information

Name: PPR Equal Tee
Brand Name: IFAN
Size: 20-110mm
Material: PPR
Connection: Welding
Certification: ISO. CE
Usage: Water Trasportation
Color: Green/ Black/ White/ Grey
Customized support: OEM, ODM

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Main Purpose of PPR Equal Tee:

1. PPR tee is mainly used for the cold and hot water systems of buildings, including the central heating system. It is mainly suitable for the main connection of PPR pipes and can play an important connection role;

2. The heating system in the building, including the floor, siding, and radiant heating system, uses PPR pipes to connect pipes in different systems;

3. Direct drinking pure water supply system;

4. Central air conditioning system;

5. Industrial pipeline systems such as transporting or discharging chemical media.

Size PCS/Box CBM
T20 700 0.057
T25 450 0.057
T32 240 0.057
T40 130 0.057
T50 80 0.057
T63 50 0.057
T75 24 0.057
T90 20 0.057
T110 10 0.057

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