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PEX Brass Press Socket

Name: PEX Brass Press Socket
Brand Name: IFAN
Size: 16-32mm
Material: Brass
Shape: Equal
Sample: Freely Sample

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IFAN Brass Press Fittings

Name: PEX Brass Press Socket
Size: 16-32mm
Applicable medium: water, oil, gas
Connection method: manual connection, with the help of machine caliper, the corresponding size has a grinding head
Color: Currently we have a variety of colors to choose from, such as white, red, yellow, blue, etc.
Features: The connection is reliable and safe, the compression type connection has high strength and good vibration resistance. Disposal of the connection part avoids the possibility of loosening of the “movable joint”.

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PEX Press Fittings
PEX Press Fittings

Connect PEX Brass Press Socket

Connecting PEX pipe is relatively easy because of its flexibility. Two common ways of connecting PEX are by using crimp rings with a compression tool and press to connect technology. Press requires tools and some understanding of how to press to make a firm connection.


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