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Name: HDPE Pipe
Material: PE
Color: Black or custom
Size: 20-110mm
Length: 100m or custom
Sample: Freely sample

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Do you know HDPE?

HDPE, also known as high-density polyethylene, is a thermoplastic resin with relatively high crystallinity. The surface of HDPE is white, some are translucent, and other substances are added later, so it has more colors.

Classification of HDPE pipes:

1) According to the application: outdoor water supply pipes, building water supply pipes, building drainage pipes, buried drainage pipes, gas pipes, electrical casings, agricultural pipes, industrial pipes, hot water heating, sewage pipes, etc.

2)According to the material density: high-density polyethylene pipe, medium-density polyethylene pipe, and low-density polyethylene pipe.

3)According to the structure: smooth-wall polyethylene pipe, double-wall corrugated pipe, spiral wound pipe, etc.

4)According to the color: PE water supply pipe, according to GB13663, the polyethylene for water supply is stipulated as blue or black with blue bars; PE polyethylene gas pipe, GBl5558.1 stipulates that the color of the polyethylene pipe for gas is yellow or black with yellow bars.

Hdpe Pipe
IFAN Hdpe Pipe

Product name: Hdpe pipe

Usage: Water Supply

Sample Time: 7 days

Discount: Available

Certification: ISO9001 CE

Delivery Port: Ningbo or Shanghai

Healthy: Environmental Friendly


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