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Brass Fitting Union

Name: Brass Fitting Union
Brand Name: IFAN
Model Number: 02 Series
Size: 1/2-2inch
Material: Brass 58-3
Connection: Thread

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About Brass Fitting Union

We stock brass threaded unions in all sizes up to 2″. Manufactured from high-quality brass and complies with ISO, CE standards. Threaded union is used to connect two threaded pipes together and allows for easy disconnection of these pipes for service, repair, maintenance or other purposes.

Product Details

1) Brass offers good corrosion resistance from water and heat and resists attack from salt water and acids, minerals and peaty soils contained in water
2) Relative softness of metal provides for a tight seal and ease of installation
3) Brass offers many of the same advantages of Copper, with a heavier wall.

02 Brass Fittings 2-3
02 Brass Fittings

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U1/2 160 0.015 
U3/4 120 0.015 
U1 80 0.015 
1″1/4 40 0.015 
1″1/2 32 0.015 
2″ 24 0.015 


Brass Fitting union are mostly used in pipelines in housing, food and other fields. They are not easy to rust, hygienic and safe, and have a long service life.

Brass union is a pipe fitting used to connect two equal-diameter pipes or outer wires, which can be installed or removed flexibly. In general, valves or some rings need to be fitted with at least one union.

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