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Brass Fitting Socket

Name: Brass Fitting Socket
Size: 3/8-2inch
Material: 57-3 Brass
Color: Yellow, White
Sample: Freely sample
OEM&ODM: Accept

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Product Information

Name: Brass Fitting Socket
Size: 3/8-2inch
Material: 57-3 Brass
Technics: Casting
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Connection: Thread
Customized support: OEM, ODM
Package: Ifan Standard Package
Usage: Pipe System

Our company is a professional Brass fitting factory with more than 29years of experience. 

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Brass Fittings
Ifan Brass Fittings

What are brass pipe fittings?

IFAN copper joints are made of brass with low lead content, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance. It is used to connect 2 lengths of pipe of the same size or to reduce from 1 size to another. Couplings are best suited for medium and low-pressure installations and can be used for water, gas, and oil.

Where can I not use brass fittings?

Using brass fittings on stainless steel tubing is not recommended. Brass is softer than steel and may not seal onto the tubing as well, risking leaks. You might also see galvanic corrosion, which is a process where the corrosion is accelerated by 2 dissimilar metals contacting one another.

Are brass fittings better than copper?

Brass is more malleable than copper, so if a plumbing project contains a lot of bends and joints, brass may be better as it does not require special tools to bend, shape and mold it.

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