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Brass Fittings Reduce Socket

Name: Brass Fitting Reduce Socket
Brand: IFAN
Size: 1/2-2inch
Material: Brass 58-3
Color: Yellow, or custom
OEM&ODM: Accept

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What is brass fitting reduce socket?

This reducing bush is a pipe fitting made of brass to adapt the connection of two threaded terminal points or accessories of different dimensions.

Product information

Name Brass Fitting Reduce Socket Mold number 02 series
Brand  IFAN Size 1/2-2inch 
Material Brass 58-3 Application Pipe Lines Connect
Color Yellow, or custom Customized support OEM&ODM

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Why is brass used for pipe fittings?

Reasons to use Brass Nipples, Fittings, and Pipe. Brass Offers Good Corrosion Resistance From Water and Heat and Resists Attack From Salt Water and Acids, Minerals and Peaty Soils Contained in Water. Relative Softness of Metal Provides for a Tight Seal and Ease of Installation.

02 Brass Fittings 2-1
02 Brass Fittings


S1/2″F X 3/8″F 600 0.015 
S3/4″F X 1/2″F 400 0.015 
S1″F X 1/2″F 300 0.015 
S1″F X 3/4″F 250 0.015 
S1-1/4″F X 1/2″F 240 0.015 
S1-1/4″F X 3/4″F 220 0.015 
S1-1/4″F X 1″F 150 0.015 
S1-1/2″F X 1/2″F 200 0.015 
S1-1/2″F X 3/4″F 180 0.015 

Are brass fittings better?

They are corrosion resistant – Brass doesn’t rust and it is highly resistant to corrosion. Rust and corrosion rapidly speed up the natural wear and tear process on the fitting, so when you are looking for long-lasting fittings, brass is the best material for the job.

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