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Brass Check Valve

Product name: Brass Check Valve
Size: 1/2”-4”
Model Number: 81411
Type: Check Valve
Brand Name: IFAN
Customized support: OEM&ODM

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What is a check valve used for?

Check valves are generally installed in pipelines to prevent backflow. A check valve is basically a one-way valve, in which the flow can run freely one way, but if the flow turns, the valve will close to protect the piping, other valves, pumps etc

Product Information

Product name: Brass Check Valve
Type: Check Valve
Brand Name: IFAN
Customized Support: OEM, ODM
Port Size: 1/2”-4”
Model Number: 81411
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Warranty: 1 years
Application: General

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What are brass check valves used for?

Brass check valves are excellent for air, water, oil, or fuel applications. However, they are not resistant to seawater, purified water, or chlorinated water. They are less resistant to heat and corrosion compared to stainless steel and are typically used for applications with low pressure.

Which way install check valve?

Check valve can be installed in horizontal or vertical piping runs, with the flow running upward. Mounting for vertical installations is critical.

Can a check valve be installed backwards?

Typically, an arrow on the valve’s housing indicates the flow direction. If there isn’t an arrow, examine the valve to ensure it is installed in the intended flow direction. If the valve is installed backward, media will not be able to move through the system, and the resulting pressure build-up can cause damage.

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