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Gas Brass Valve

Name: Gas Brass Valve
Color: Yellow
Application: Gas
Material: CW617N European environment-friendly brass
Model: 81052
Style: Yellow Butterfly Handle Gas Brass Valve

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IFAN gas ball valves follow the same principles as other ball valves, they are mostly two-piece construction and feature a ¼ turn shut off. That being said, they are not your standard ball valve. Gas ball valves require CSA approval in order to be used in combustible gas applications.

The ratings for gas ball valves are set by CSA. There are different ratings depending on installation location (indoor vs. outdoor) and country (Canada vs. USA). This is our Facebook Website:www.facebook.com

Gas Brass Valve
Gas Brass Valve

Special Features:

Pilot Tap

Some gas valves have a pilot tapping in them so a pressure gauge can be installed. This is for testing and/or monitoring the system pressure. Having a gauge right in the valve allows for the most accurate pressure to ensure the system is running at its full potential. The tapping is a standard 1/8” female pipe thread or FPT. Valves with a tapping include a 1/8” male pipe thread (MPT) plug with a tapered brass seat which makes a leakproof seal when tightened with a 3/16” Allen wrench.

Yellow Handle

Most gas valves on the market have a yellow handle to signify that they have gas approvals. This is not an official fact but can be used as a quick visual indication. Always make sure that the correct approvals are on the valve before using it in a gas application.

Understanding what gas ball valve should be used for your application comes down to the ratings and where it will be going – do you need it to have ratings for indoor or outdoor use? When working with gas ball valves always consult a trained professional.

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