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Brass Tap Bibcock

Name: IFAN Brass Tap Bibcock
Working Pressure: ≤1.6MPa
Working Temperature: -10℃≤ t≤120℃
Brand: IFAN
Styles: IFAN R Series

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Product Information:

This IFAN Brass Bibcock is also under the R series tap. The model is R07. The raw material is CW617 brass. It can be called Bibcock or Water Tap.

The biggest feature of this Brass Bibcock is its unique shape, special shape, and smooth body, which is easy to disassemble and assemble.

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Product Size:

Size(mm) PCS/Box Weight(g) CBM
1/2″(15/21 in French) 120 199 0.0180
3/4″(20/27 in French) 100 288 0.0180

Product Features:

Brass Bibcock, also called a faucet, is a device that opens and closes the water medium and controls the outlet water flow and water temperature. It is a valve-type device usually used on water pipes. A copper faucet is actually a simple faucet, and its outlet is usually a shape that can be inserted into a plastic tube. Because its valve structure is relatively simple, it is not suitable for occasions that often need to be switched on and off.

Brass Tap Bibcock
Brass Tap Bibcock

Appearance quality selection requirements:

(1) The electroplating surface has a uniform gloss, and there must be no peeling, cracking, scorching, bottoming, peeling, dark spots, obvious pitting, burrs, and other defects

(2) The sprayed surface has a fine, smooth, and uniform structure, and there must be no defects such as sagging, bottoming, etc.

(3) The polished surface should be smooth and free of obvious burrs and scratches.

(4) The surface coating and plating of the product shall meet the requirements of Grade 10 in QB/T 3832 after 24h acetic acid salt spray test according to QB/T 3827

(5) Faucets requiring cold and hot water markings should have clear cold and hot water markings and be firmly combined. The cold watermark is placed on the right in blue or the letter C and the hot watermark is placed on the left in red or the letter H.

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