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Precautions For PPR Water Supply Pipe Installation

Precautions For PPR Water Supply Pipe Installation

Precautions for PPR water supply pipe installation to avoid water leakage at home. This is our Facebook Website:www.facebook.com,Follow us, IFAN will show you more professional knowledge.

PPR water supply pipes are widely used in home decoration, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and other places. However, many owners don’t pay much attention to details during installation. As a result, there are water leakage and other situations during later use, which affects normal life. Today I mainly talk about the installation precautions of ppr water supply pipes, and how to distinguish the quality of water pipes. I hope to bring you help.

First, PPR water supply pipe installation precautions

1. During the process of handling and construction, the PPR pipe should be protected to avoid damage caused by external forces. After all, compared with metal pipes, its hardness is relatively low and its rigidity is relatively poor.

2. Pay attention to winter construction, because the PPR pipe has a certain low-temperature brittleness when it is below 5°C. When cutting, it is best to use sharp tools to cut slowly. For the installed pipes, it is necessary to carefully protect them from knocking or heavy pressure to avoid damage.

3. If the PPR water supply pipe is to be installed outdoors, it must be treated with sun protection, because the water pipe is prone to aging due to long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays, and a dark protective layer can be wrapped on the outer layer.

4. The expansion coefficient of the PPR pipe is relatively large. When laying the pipe on the surface or not directly buried in the dark, it is best to adopt technical measures to prevent the expansion and deformation of the pipe. In addition, pay attention to installing the supports and hangers in accordance with the regulations.


Second, how to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of PPR water supply pipes

1. Generally, high-quality PPR pipes are not easily deformed by extrusion, and even if deformed, they will not break, which will reduce the use of joints. Inferior pipes are easily deformed by pinching by hand or using other methods.

2. For high-quality PPR pipes, their pipe fittings are relatively strong in aging and have a relatively long service life. Under normal use, it can reach more than 50 years.

3. PPR pipe fittings can withstand water pressure of 45 kg/cm2 at room temperature, and the high temperature that the pipe can withstand without deformation is 112 ° C. It has strong resistance to high temperature and high pressure. The surface particles of inferior pipes are relatively rough, which will emit a peculiar smell and cannot reach such a temperature.

4. To judge the quality of the pipe, you can also use the method of burning. Generally, if the raw material is mixed with recycled plastic, it will emit an unpleasant smell and black smoke when burning. High-quality PPR pipes, will not happen.

IFAN has given you a detailed introduction to the precautions for the installation of PPR water supply pipes and the method of distinguishing the quality of the water pipes above. I believe everyone has a certain understanding. In the future installation and purchase process, you should pay enough attention.


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