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PPR Pipe And Fittings

PPR Pipe And Fittings

What are the characteristics of PPR pipes?

PPR is the abbreviation of random copolymerization polypropylene in English. Commonly known as type 3 polypropylene. PPR pipe is a replacement product for galvanized pipe, UPVC water supply pipe, aluminum-plastic pipe, PE pipe, PE-X pipe, and PE-RT pipe. Due to the use of random copolymerization technology, the strength and high-temperature resistance of polypropylene are well guaranteed, thus becoming the main force of water pipe materials.

Compared with traditional cast iron pipes, galvanized steel pipes, cement pipes, and other pipes, PPR pipes have the advantages of energy saving, material saving, environmental protection, lightweight, high strength, corrosion resistance, smooth inner wall, and no scaling, simple construction, and maintenance, long service life, etc. It has been widely used in construction, municipal, industrial, and agricultural fields such as building water supply and drainage, urban and rural water supply and drainage, urban gas, power cables and cable jackets, industrial fluid transportation, and agricultural irrigation.

In the national new construction, reconstruction, and expansion projects, 85% of building drainage pipes use plastic pipes, 80% of building rainwater drainage pipes use plastic pipes, 50% of urban drainage pipes use plastic pipes, and building water, hot water supply, and heating pipes 85% % use plastic pipes, 80% of urban water supply pipes (below DN400mm) use plastic pipes, 90% of rural gas pipes use plastic pipes (medium and low-pressure pipes), and 40% of urban gas pipes use plastic pipes (medium and low-pressure pipes). The market share of plastic pipes in various pipes in the country will exceed 60%.

Color PPR Pipe
Color PPR Pipe


  • Health and environmental protection. PPR is an environmentally friendly material and can be used as a transport for drinking water.
  • The joint is connected by hot melt, which is integrally formed and has no leakage. Other materials are connected by wire mouth, which has poor impermeability and avoids the toxicity of adhesive bonding.
  • The conveying resistance is small.
  • The price is cheap and moderate.
  • According to the national standard GB/T18742, the service life is long, and the production and use can reach 50 years.

PPR adopts the hot fusion bonding method, using special welding and cutting tools, and has high reliability. The price is also economical. The insulation is also very good and the tube wall is very smooth! The normal price is 4-8 yuan/meter (4 tubes). Inner and outer wires are not included. It is the most widely used water supply pipeline in home improvement projects.

What are the characteristics of cold and hot water pipe PPR pipes?

In-home decoration, PPR pipe is the most widely used, but its use range is not small, such as water supply piping systems, hot water piping systems, heating piping systems,s and air conditioning piping. Engineered hot water also involves the use of PPR pipes, which are more stable, safe, easy to install, and cost-effective. When the hidden pipe penetrates the wall, in order to ensure the safety, service life, and convenient maintenance of the pipe, a metal sleeve can be set to ensure the installation of the PPR pipe.

PPR pipe has the advantage of a hot melt connection. Pipes and pipe fittings are usually welded by hot melt, and water is not easy to leak. However, the heating temperature and time should be precise and should not be too long. If the temperature continues for too long, the pipes and fittings will be damaged by hot melt. If the time is too short and the temperature is too low, the pipeline and fittings will be unstable and easy to burst.

Now PPR pipes are more and more popular in society, including water supply, sewage, irrigation, gas transmission, and other purposes. With its unique advantages and characteristics, it stands out in the pipeline market and occupies a pivotal position.

PPR is a random copolymerized polypropylene, which is copolymerized by propylene monomer and a small amount of ethylene monomer under the action of heat, pressure, and catalyst. In the long chain of propylene, ethylene monomers are randomly distributed and generally controlled between 3-5%. The amount of ethylene and the polymerization methods of ethylene and propylene determine the size of cold brittleness. As a result, the flexibility of the PPR pipe decreases in winter, and the rigidity increases and becomes flat; if it is impacted by an external force, the cracking of the pipe surface will be more serious.

Therefore, IFAN recommends that when using or installing PPR pipes in winter, it is recommended to pay attention to preventing pipe collisions and violent handling.

How to install PPR pipe?

Many people don’t know much about PPR pipe fittings, so I will introduce the naming book of PPR pipe fittings to you. At the same time, we should pay attention to how to install the PPR pipe. Only the correct installation can achieve better results and be more convenient to use.

PPR pipe connect
PPR pipe connect

How to install PPR pipe

  • Fix the line first, and then make a slot on the ground. I think it’s better for a plumber to do it. Because at least people are professional, the water pipes they connect are not good if they leak. As far as the PPR pipe connection is concerned, it is a hot melt connection. The melting temperature is 260 degrees. Your installation proportions should refer to your design proportions. This depends on the decoration of your home.
  • In general, PPR cannot be exposed, the first exposed PPR is easy to deform due to gravity, and the second exposed PPR is easy to age. Third, if it is white PPR, it is easy to transmit light to form bacteria. So it is recommended to conceal. PPR water pipes can also be connected through hot melt sockets. The pipes and fittings are completely integrated, and the strength of the joints even exceeds the strength of the pipe body. As long as the construction is done properly and the pressure test is passed after completion, the reliability is extremely high.
  • The PPR pipe is afraid of being exposed to the sun for a long time, so the foam insulation cover can be appropriately used during installation, which is more durable. Of course, PPR pipes should also be selected from big brands, and IFAN pipes are recommended.

The above text has been introduced to you. When buying pipe fittings, you should know what you need in your home. Buying pipe fittings in a specialty store can better ensure cost performance. At the same time, on how to install PPR pipes, please ask professionals to do it. Installation can have better results, and when using it, you should pay more attention to maintenance issues.

Is PPR water pipe harmful to the human body?

Is PPR water pipe harmful? This question is really difficult to answer. There are good and bad water pipes in the market. Of course, high-quality PPR pipes are harmless, of course, inferior PPR pipes are not necessarily!

Nowadays, in order to achieve certain marketing purposes, the market will inevitably publicize the harmfulness of PPR water pipes. This sounds really scary. Sometimes IFAN can’t help but ask: don’t those who say PPR pipes are harmful don’t use PPR pipes in their own homes? I dare say that most of these sunspots still use PPR tubes.

As we all know, PPR water pipes are made of random copolymerized polypropylene, and the final raw material molecules of random copolymerized polypropylene are carbon and hydrogen. Anyone who knows a little chemistry knows that carbon and hydrogen are harmless to the human body, so I can say without hesitation that PPR pipes are harmless!

Green PPR pipe
Testing Premium Green PPR pipe

The bad thing is that we have had a lot of impurities attached to the pipes in the process of using water for many years. This is the root cause of the detriment. But this is not only a problem with PPR water pipes, it can also happen to pipes with high stability such as copper pipes! Therefore, with the long-term use of water pipes, IFAN recommends that many consumers clean the water pipes regularly.

The above can be attributed to one point, that is, inferior brands cannot guarantee the quality of PPR water pipes! In order to save raw materials and reduce prices, manufacturers of inferior PPR pipes often recycle inferior raw materials, and even mix many other uncertain components, resulting in unstable molecular structures. Water pipes are not only prone to brittle fractures and pipe bursts in future use but also threaten human health.

So, how do we distinguish poor-quality water pipes from PPR? In fact, it can be distinguished when hot-melting. In case of high temperature, the inferior PPR tube will produce a pungent smell! Sometimes, even black gas is produced!

PPR water pipe purchase considerations

Some customers tend to ignore some precautions when purchasing PPR water pipes, which leads to the unqualified quality of the purchased PPR water pipes and affects the normal progress of the decoration. In order to avoid such a situation, this time IFAN will share with you some PPR water pipes to buy. Precautions to help you buy high-quality PPR water pipes smoothly.

When choosing a PPR tube, please pay attention to the following points

1. The color of the PPR water pipe

Many people mistakenly think that the white color of the PPR tube is the best color, which is a big misunderstanding. Nowadays, the colors of PPR pipes produced by different manufacturers are also different. For example, Axiata’s five-star household casing is blue, and Weixing’s PPR pipes are green. The base materials of different colors in PPR are the same, but different color masterbatches are added according to customers’ preferences or habits in production, so different colors do not represent quality.

2. The difference between PPR hot and cold water pipes

Not all PPR water pipes are for hot and cold water. Some are designed for cold water and some are for hot water. Be sure to state your requirements when purchasing. Of course, the raw materials used in PPR hot and cold water pipes are exactly the same. According to the temperature of the water that can be transported by pipes of different specifications, they are divided into cold and hot water pipes. Due to the high requirements of the pipeline for transporting hot water, the wall thickness of the hot water pipe with the same nominal pressure (PN) is thicker than that of the cold water pipe. For easy distinction, the hot water pipes have red co-extruded strips, while the cold water pipes do not.

3. Whether PPR pipes and fittings need to be from the same manufacturer

The raw materials used by each manufacturer will be different, and the production process will also be different. When connected, reliability is not guaranteed, so this is generally not recommended. When choosing PPR pipes and fittings, try to choose the same brand.

4. Selection of PPR water pipe pressure

The first thing to consider and determine when selecting PPR piping is the pressure rating. Next, select the desired PPR line size based on the desired pressure. The PN in the pipe coding represents the nominal pressure, and the unit is MPa. The nominal pressure varies with the thickness of the pipe wall. When selecting the pipe, ensure that the nominal pressure is not lower than the water pressure of tap water.

The above are the precautions for purchasing PPR water pipes shared by IFAN. As long as you pay attention to these points, you can greatly reduce the chance of buying inferior PPR water pipes.

What are the PPR pipe fittings?

Specifications and models of common PPR pipe fittings

With the development of the economy, the PPR pipe fittings industry is booming, including manufacturers, purchasing agents, construction teams, etc. However, due to the single product and various specifications and models, the names of different entities on the product are quite different, and the specifications and models stipulated in their own industries are also very different, which brings a lot of trouble to the two parties who cooperate with different channels, because You don’t necessarily call the product you are talking about, and the specifications and models you are talking about may not be what I want. What are the common specifications and models currently on the market? Next, we will take the specifications and models of PPR pipe fittings as an example, and let IFAN tell you!

PPR pipes are divided into cold water pipes and hot water pipes, which have the advantages of environmental protection, hygiene, and low cost. The disadvantage is that the construction requires professionals, and the hot-melt technology has high requirements, otherwise, it is easy to leave hidden dangers, but as long as the hot melt passes the pressure test, the reliability is high. At the same time, the high-temperature resistance and pressure resistance of the PPR tube is strong, and the long-term working temperature can reach 75 degrees Celsius.

In terms of use, we generally use PPR pipe fittings including direct, tee, elbow, cross, etc., and are divided into equal diameters, different diameters, 45 degrees, 90 degrees, downstream, Y type, different according to the number of joints. face, bridge, etc.

In addition, PPR pipe parts can be divided into PPR plastic parts and PPR copper parts. In addition to different materials, the connection methods are also different. PPR plastic parts are mostly hot melt connections, and PPR copper parts are all threaded connections.

PPR tubes are divided into 20/25/32/40/50/63 by model and diameter. These six models are the most commonly used, and there are 75-110 above, which are not common and are occasionally used.

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