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New Products IFAN Bibcocks

New Products IFAN Bibcocks

New Products IFAN Bibcocks, Welcome to Buy!

How about one with a brass Bibcocks

Brass is one of the indispensable trace elements of the human body, it is an important component of enzymes and proteins, and can promote the metabolism of the human body, and increase its function of the body.

Brass can also effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria and microorganisms and can keep the water clean and hygienic. The brass bibcock also has a very strong impermeability, whether dust, oil, or bacteria, viruses can not pass through the brass bibcock polluting water quality. So the use of brass bibcock has a positive effect on human health.

Although brass is very beneficial to the human body, excessive intake of brass also easy to causes toxic reactions.

Advantages of Brass Bibcocks:

1. Copper has good corrosion resistance.

2. Because the brass water pipe has beautiful and durable, convenient for installation, safety, fire prevention, health care, and many other advantages, it is compared with galvanized steel pipe and the plastic pipe has a significantly superior price-performance ratio.
3. Brass ion has a strong disinfection and sterilization effect, and can prevent the prevalence of some common livestock diseases copper is an indispensable micronutrient for human health, for blood, central nervous system and immune system, hair, skin, and bone tissue, as well as brain and liver, heart and other visceral development and function, has an important impact.

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