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How to repair the leakage of PPR pipe quickly

How to repair the leakage of PPR pipe quickly

PPR pipe is one of the most widely used water pipe materials in home decoration. But it is inevitable that there will be water leakage. If the PPR pipe leaks, how to quickly repair the leak? IFAN takes you to find out. This is our Instagram Website: www.instagram.com.

1. First use a small hacksaw to saw off the leaking place, and pay attention to keeping the saw edge flat;
2. Sand the newly exposed port lightly, not too much;
3. Wipe the PPR tube port clean with a clean cloth;
4. Apply special glue to the port, let it dry for a while, and then apply glue to the joint;
5. Connect the port to the “bamboo joint” and turn it repeatedly until it is firm.

What are the tips for purchasing PPR pipes?


For the purchase of this product, you must first touch it with your hands, and also check whether the surface of the pipe is smooth and flat, and at the same time check whether the hand feels fine and even. When touching, if you find that the pipe is uneven, or there is obvious graininess, you must not buy it in this case. You must know that this pipe may be mixed with some other substances.


Everyone should know that the main raw material of this pipe is polypropylene, which has no smell. When purchasing, it is recommended that you pick it up and smell it to see if there is any peculiar smell. If there is a smell, it is not recommended to buy it. Yes, knowing that it is possible to add other substances, which seriously affects safety.


When purchasing, you can try to pinch it with your hands, so that you can check the hardness of the pipe. Generally speaking, pipes with good quality are relatively strong, and they will not be deformed if you pinch them hard. Deformation occurs when pinched, indicating that there are some problems with this quality, and the quality is relatively inferior, so it is not recommended for people to buy.

PPR Pipe
PPR Pipe

Advantages of PPR pipe

Sanitation, health, and environmental protection. Polypropylene is an environmentally friendly material and can be used for drinking water delivery.

The joints are connected by hot melt to form a whole, 100% leak-free, and other materials are connected by silk, which has poor anti-seepage performance and avoids the toxicity of glue bonding.

High-temperature resistance, good pressure resistance, and small conveying resistance. PPR water pipe. The price is cheap and moderate. Long service life, it can be used for 50 years when produced and used according to the national standard GB/T18742.

PPR is the abbreviation of tripropylene polyethylene, which adopts the method of thermal fusion, has special welding and cutting tools, and has high reliability. The price is also very economical. The insulation performance is also very good, and the pipe wall is also very smooth.


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