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How To Connect PPR Pipe

How To Connect PPR Pipe

PPR pipe is a commonly used material in recent years, widely used in water supply and drainage, gas, electricity, and other fields. IFAN will take a look at how the PPR tube is generally connected with you today.

Hot Melt Connection

This connection method requires the use of the same type of thermoplastic pipe fittings. First, use a special heating tool to heat the connection part to melt it, and then press the two pipes to connect them together. This method is also very common and simple.

Both PPR pipes and PPR insert expansion joints can be directly connected by hot melt sockets.

Electrofusion Connection

When connecting thermoplastic pipes of the same type, put a special electrofusion pipe fitting on it, energize the electrofusion pipe fitting, and the heat generated by the resistance wire inside the electrofusion pipe fitting will weld it. After cooling, the pipe fitting and the electrofusion pipe fitting will be connected as a whole.

PPR pipe hot melt connection

Flange Connection

Flange connection is to fix two pipes, pipe fittings, or equipment on a flange plate, then add a flange gasket between the two flange plates, and finally tighten the two flange plates with bolts. A detachable joint that is tightly combined. Connections from stationary pipes to rotating or reciprocating equipment are possible. When connecting, you can use hot melt bonding or bonding.

Mechanical Connection

When metal materials or high-strength plastics are made of pipe fittings, special tools are used to fasten and seal them mechanically, so that they are tightly connected to the pipe fittings.

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